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What We Do?

Founded in December 2017, Ruang Imaginakal started when a group of artists gathered at an event organized by Forest Watch Indonesia, a forestry NGO in Bogor, Indonesia. It started with a free stage for performance and freedom of expression, and after more than 3 years of operation, brought the circle bigger and expanded rapidly to more intense movements. From videography and home productions, Ruang Imaginakal has become home for many artists with a wide range of skills. Since its establishment, Ruang Imaginakal has been actively involved in various environmental campaigns professionally. Both in terms of visualisation (production of video content) and audio (song production and voice over), social media maintenance and website development for several NGOs and established companies. We are also active in holding events, both charity and profitable for the empowerment and existence of the community, from artists, agricultural activists (urban farmers, coffee farmers), videographers, film makers, and musicians. We are now committed to a wide range of projects from fellow NGOs to companies and communities to environmental movements and professional business causes.

Creative Content

Content production is becoming essential in recent pandemic era. A powerful content (audio and visual), can be used to package brand or campaign stories in such humanist way, to uphold the campaign presence online and attract their targeted audience to engage.

Communal Worksystem

Unlike conventional company/agency, Ruang Imaginakal operates based on communal system. Resources are recruit as project based-freelancer. This worksystem is proven to increase efficiency from operation cost, delivery timeline, project productivity.

Professional Services

As community of freelancers, we established a standardized worksystem to maintain professionalism throughout projects we execute. This worksystem covers workflow from the Project incoming, Talent Recruit based on portfolio and rating, Talent Onboarding (Contract Terms), Project Assignment, Quality Control, and Delivery.

People Empowerment

Throughout COVID-19 breakout, there has been massive wave of unemployment in Indonesia. This cause worrying condition, especially people in productive age. We try to broaden our network whereas any kind of skillsets can have acess to projects/job opprotunities, as well as sharing knowledge and empower youngsters to involved in projects.

We have happily served over


projects since we started

We have happily served over


customers since we started

People Behind It

Video Editor/Graphic Designer/Photographer/Movie Maker/Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist/Gitarleleist.

Rendra Danang Saputra – Founder

Conceptor/Project Manager/Web Designer/Content Creator/Singer/Songwriter/Vocalist

Rila Kristanti – Co-Founder

Enterpreneur/Director of Photography/Video Editor/Movie Maker/Bassist/Catfish Cultivation

Nurhidayat Iman – Videography Director

Video Editor/Graphic Designer/Voice Over Talent/Singer/Songwriter/Music Arrange/Vocalist/Drummer

Reza Tawada – Creative Director

Guitarist/Songwriter/Singer/Music Arranger/Studio Operator/Sound Engineer/Cooks

Refund Alviansyah – Music Director

Copywriter/Songwriter/Scriptwriter/Event Planner/Graphic Designer/Voice Cast/Singer/Host/Video Editor

Siswanto Hadi Prasetyo – Talent Management