We produce video for company profile, video campaign, short movie, vlogs, aerial documentation, and video lyrics.

Event Campaign (Triputra Innovation Forum) 2018

Event Campaign (Festival Akademia Antikorupsi) 2018

NGO Campaign  for Forest Watch Indonesia 2018

Event Campaign (Bogor Tolak RUU Permusikan) 2019

Promotional Vlog (Lapis Bogor Sangkuriang) 2018

Promotional Vlog (Wiskul Bogor) 2018


 We also do animation for fun, professionally .

Video Lyric (Ambarila, Paradise) 2018

Video Lyric (Akar Bambu, Hela) 2018

Campaign (Prof. Hariadi Kartodihardjo, Keterbukaan Informasi) 2018

Environment Campaign for Komunitas Peduli Ciliwung 2018

Music Video Clip

 As much as we love to sing, we also support our fella musicians with cinematic clips that escalate their musics.

Music Production

 Music speaks strongly as visuals on videography. And campaigns or promotions needs beatiful sounds to make it work. Fortunately, we done both.

Environment campaign for Komunitas Peduli Ciliwung

Indie Music Production

Forest Campaign for Forest Watch Indonesia

Indie Music Productions


Songs, Narration, Random and Naught Talks about life, death, and anything in between.

Experimental Project, 19/duapuluh